Welcome to the ABACAccess Program!

All events are labeled. See individual events to find out how long recordings are available for that webinar.

ABACAccess1 = 1 full day recording access

ABACAccess5 = 5 day recording access

ABACAccess7 = 7 day recording access

ABACAccess0 = Event not recorded

If a consent form for ABACAccess5 has not been received from our a speaker, previous ABACLive25 events will read as ABACAccess1

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How it works:

Once the webinar ends:

  • The webinar recording is processed. This can take up to 5 hours.
  • Once processed, Adrienne will send a link to registered participants via email.
    • If the event is during the day, she will send it that day.
    • If the event is in the evening, she will send it the next morning.
  • Once the link is sent via email, participants have either 1 day or 5 days  to watch the event.

Any questions? Email Adrienne-