The ABACAccess Program


The ABACAccess program allows individuals who register for our live events the opportunity to gain access to a recording of the webinar for a limited time following the end of the live event. 


How it works

Once an ABACLive webinar ends: 

The webinar recording is processed. This can take up to 5 hours.
Once processed, Adrienne will send a link to registered participants via email.
If the event is during the day, she will send it that day, but if the event is in the evening, she will send it the next morning.
Once the link is sent via email, participants have the assigned number of days to watch the event.
Any questions? Email Adrienne-

Recording Availability

ABACAccess1 = 1 full day recording access
ABACAccess5 = 5 day recording access
ABACAccess7 = 7 day recording access
ABACAccess0 = Event not recorded


If I watch the event via recording can I still earn continuing education credit hours?

It depends on the type of hours you are looking for. Behavior analysts and certified counselors CAN earn continuing education credit hours for watching the recording.

At this time, psychologists and social workers can not earn continuing education credit hours if they watch the recording. They CAN earn continuing education hours for watching the live event. As always, nurses can ONLY earn continuing education hours via ABAC if they watch the event live.