ABACLive25 is now ABACAccess

One of the best “upgrades” that we put into place in the past year+ was the ABACLive25 program. This program gave access to recordings of most of our ABACLive webinars to paid participants for 25 hours after the link to the recording was sent out. Based on a number of factors, the recordings typically went out within 5 hours following a day event or, the next morning for an evening event. Our audience has been really happy with the option to watch our ABACLive webinars via recording but feedback from some of our participants indicates that 25 hours is not really enough time.

ABACAccess is our response to your feedback.



ABACAccess5 = 5 day recording access

ABACAccess1 = 1 full day recording access (ABACLive25)

We respect our speakers wishes by only recording with their consent. In early May, Adrienne sent out new consent forms to allow for the increased access. As speakers send in their consent forms, we will update their events.

If a consent form has not been received, previous ABACLive25 events will read as ABACAccess1

Events are that are not recorded will have the following notation within the product description

“ABACAccess: Event not recorded”

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How it works:

Once the webinar ends:

  • The webinar recording is processed. This can take up to 5 hours.
  • Once processed, Adrienne will send a link to registered participants via email.
    • If the event is during the day, she will send it that day.
    • If the event is in the evening, she will send it the next morning.
  • Once the link is sent via email, participants have either 1 day or 5 days  to watch the event.

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