Welcome to ABAC!

ABAC is an online learning center educating a global community of professionals, employers, and family members on evidence-based practices to support and help others.

ABAC offered the first “ABAC Live Webinar” in February, 2015 featuring Professor Peter Sturmey, ABAC’s resident webinar presenter. From that point on, owner Adrienne Fitzer, a board certified behavior analyst turned entrepreneur, continued to add new topics and add fabulous guest speakers who presented on clinically relevant, timely, and practical topics in 2-3 hour webinars designed for behavior analysts.

During 2015, Adrienne strengthened her commitment to disseminate evidence-based best practices to professionals outside of the field of applied behavior analysis. To achieve this huge goal:

  • The Applied Behavior Analysis Center started going by the shortened ABAC, to be more inclusive of professionals from other backgrounds.
  • ABAC became an approved continuing education provider/sponsor for two additional major USA-based professional organizations, The National Board of Certified Counselors, and The American Psychological Association. ABAC offers:
    • Live and recorded webinars designed specifically for behavior analysts but that meet the guidelines for continuing education for licensed psychologists and certified counselors
    • Live webinars designed specifically for licensed psychologists and certified counselors on evidence-based practices.

ABAC is more than just a continuing education provider. In our ongoing effort to support family members of individuals with life-altering diagnoses we offer a 60% off discount for all registered family members on all of our webinars. ABAC started to offer shorter live events, specifically for family members, during the day between 12:00-2:30 pm eastern/9:00-11:30 am Pacific when their dependents are in school/camp or attending day-programs.  We will continue to introduce new supports for family members over the course of 2016.

ABAC has reached 1000s of professionals from around the world. Our participants view from almost every state in the USA, a minimum of 3 provinces in Canada, England, Ireland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, The Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Austria, Japan, Russia, and beyond!  Stay up-to-date by signing up for our mailing list!