The Big Bundle- 15 ABACLive Webinars!


Many of you wanted a way to purchase bulk ABACLive webinars at a discounted price. Sure we have the Current Topics in ABA Series bundles (which offer awesome deals), but some of you want more variety.



15 webinars of your choice for $1375


On average, over a 2 year period, you would pay $2000 to take 40 continuing education credits through ABAC and $2250 for 45 credits. With this package, you get to design your own continuing education course sequence for a fraction of the price. Your choice, your combo, your credits.

You could save over $1000 depending on your course selection!!!!!

Please scroll down to the product description for all of the information you need to decide if THE BIG BUNDLE is right for you!


Once you purchase the bundle, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email. Download the “How to use the Big Bundle coupon” document included in your confirmation email.

We will send you a unique coupon code set up by hand, specifically for you. The coupon code will be sent within 48 business hours.

Once you have your coupon code, you can order your webinars one at a time or in bulk.

The coupon will stop working once you purchased 15 webinars.

Important things to consider:

  •  You will have 24 months from the date of purchase to use your coupon code.
  • No refunds for webinar registrations not used by the end of that period.
  •  It will be up to you to track your webinar usage. You will not be reminded when the coupon period expires.
  • The bundle will only work on events worth 1, 2, or 3 credits. The bundle does not apply to full day conferences/workshops.
  • Make sure to count your credits! If you take only 2 credit webinars, you will earn 30 credits for the 15 classes. If you combine your webinars well you can earn up to 45.
  • Our standard cancellation and missed webinar policies apply to all webinars purchased as part of THE BIG BUNDLE.
  • All ABACLive events are scheduled eastern time. Take that into account before registering for an event.
  • Some of our events are recorded and available to registered participants for a limited time after the event end. Please check each webinar you are interested in for more information.
  • Make sure what ever webinars you sign up for are eligible for continuing education for your profession. Not all events are eligible for all professionals. We will not offer refunds if you discover after the event is over that it was not eligible for continuing education for your profession. Please check each webinar you are interested in for more information. All continuing education information is posted. If you have any questions, please send an email to