ABACLive Cambridge Center Series Presents: Dr. Crone-Todd: Behavior Analysis and Ethics: Contingencies, Rule-Governed, and Contingency-Shaped Behavior – 01/03/18

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Presented by: Darlene E. Crone-Todd, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA

Date: Thursday, 01/03/19 Time: 6:30-8:30pm eastern


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Behavior analysts, like many professionals, are expected to follow and comply with a code of ethics appropriate to the field and to their specialization. Such codes provide rule-governed behavior, direct, and indirect-acting contingencies on actual behavior for compliance and non-compliance. The extent to which actual behavior conforms to codes of ethics is a function of several factors, including the clarity of the code, and the extent to which contingencies are (a) immediate versus delayed; (b) probable versus improbable; and (c) of greater or lesser magnitude. In this webinar, we will cover how for behavior analysts it is imperative to develop a strong commitment to acting ethically, regardless of the immediate versus delayed consequences.


Learning Objectives:

By the end of the presentation, the audience should be able to state the following     

1.  How the following factors affect adherence with ethical codes:     

  •  Clarity of the rules,  
  • Immediate versus delayed consequences,   
  • Probable versus improvable consequences     
  • Greater versus lesser magnitude consequence                                    

  2.        Why it is imperative for professional to develop a strong commitment to acting ethically
  3.        Some strategies for developing a strong commitment to acting ethically



6:30 pm: Introduction

6:35 pm: Presentation begins

8:15 pm: Q&A submit questions for chat

8:30 pm: Posttest, Evaluation and submit attendance codes



Darlene E. Crone-Todd is a Full Professor in Psychology at Salem State University. She designed and coordinates the graduate program in Behavior Analysis, and has presented in over 50 symposia at conferences worldwide, including time spent researching and presenting in Brazil. She has published research in peer-reviewed journals including, The Behavior Analyst Today, The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, and Substance Use and Misuse. Dr. Crone-Todd earned her doctorate at the University of Manitoba, completed a post-doc at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Behavior Pharmacology. Her current research interests include human choice behavior, computer-mediated learning environments, higher-order thinking, and shaping behavior. Ongoing projects involve behavioral interventions related to wellness, and to facilitating student success.


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