Behavioral Skills Training: Approaches To Preparing Students with High Functioning Autism for the Transition to Adulthood – 5/14/19

Behavioral Skills Training: Approaches To Preparing Students with High Functioning Autism for the Transition to Adulthood

Katrina Roberts. MS, BCBA

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  • Date: Tuesday, 05/14/19
  • Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm eastern

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This workshop will review the teaching methodology of Behavioral Skills Training and how it has been applied to teaching various skills necessary for the transition to adulthood. Behavioral Skills Training (BST) is a method of teaching using instruction, modeling, behavioral rehearsal, and descriptive feedback.  BST has been utilized in many applications such as communication training, pre-vocational skills, vocational skills, safety in the community, and promoting independence. This workshop will review the methodology and current research representing various applications of BST. Learners will come away with an understanding of how to implement BST in a variety of settings to assist their learners while they make their next step towards adulthood.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the steps in behavioral skills training (BST).
  2. Identify skills to teach to transition-aged youth.
  3. Describe how to teach a variety of skills using behavioral skills training.

Continuing Education:

  • Behavior Analysts:2 type II CEs Live or recording
  • Psychologists:TBD
  • Social Workers and Certified Counselors:TBD
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10:00 am: Introduction

10:05 am: Live webinar begins

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12:00 pm: Submit attendance codes, take post-test, and fill out confidential evaluation form

Katrina Roberts is currently the director of the Business Academy, a transition program for students with autism, at Alpine Learning Group. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and holds a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University at Albany. For the past 15 years, Katrina has been supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in a variety of home, community, school, and employment settings. With a specialty in vocational development, Katrina has helped numerous young adults to prepare for the transition from school to work through arranging a variety of community-based work experiences, teaching both hard and soft skills necessary to succeed at work, and customizing employment opportunities for each person to assist them to start their careers with success.  Ms. Roberts has spoken at multiple conferences on the transition from school to work and adulthood, creating career opportunities, and long-term employment retention.

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