Adrienne’s Programming Toolbox: More Spring Targets

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Spring themed target lists can be extensive, that is for sure! I had a lot of fun trying to think of different targets that you might not come up with when you are putting together your standard sets of targets. This list is definately not all inclusive! I could work on this for days and still not be done.

Don’t forget to select targets based on what is relevant and meaningful to the child/family. Find out what is in their yard or their garden to personalize the experience even more. 


What is a garden?Where do you find a back yard?
Where do you put a garden?Where do you find a side yard?
Why do you plant garden?Where do you find a front yard?
Who plants a garden?Which type of yard do you find behind a house?
What types of gardens are there?Which type of yard do you find next to a house?
What tools do you use to plant vegetables and flowers?Why do people put a fence around the yard?
What is a hose used for?What can you do in the yard?
What is a rake used for?How do you keep the grass short?
What is a shovel used for?What do you use to cut the grass?
What is a watering can used for?What do you use to trim bushes?
Where do you plant seeds?What should you wear when pulling weeds?
How many seeds should you put in each hole in the ground?What are some things that you can find in a back yard?
What is a sprout?What are some things that you can find in a front yard?
What is a weed?What do people do in the yard?
What is mulch?What is a barbeque for?
What is mulch used for?What do you cook on a barbeque?
Why do you put mulch in the garden?Where do you eat in the yard?
Does spring come before or after summer?What is a table umbrella used for?
Can it snow in the spring?What happens to the chair cushions when they are left in the rain?
Is snow in the spring rare or common?


What should you do before you sit on a chair outside after it rains.
Do flowers grow in the spring?Name three things you can play with in the yard.
What vegetables can you plant in the spring?Where can you find bird nests in the yard? (tree/birdhouse)
What do birds do in the spring?What do birds live in?
What is spring?What are nests made of?
What clothes do you wear when it is warm and sunny?Name X number of animals that commonly live in the yard.
What clothes do you wear when it is warm and rainy?Name X number of insects that you see in the yard.
What shoes do you wear when working in the garden?A butterfuly, a bee, and a spider are____.
What tools do you use to plant vegetables?A hedge clipper, a trimmer, and a trowel are ___.
What is an umbrella?What do you attach a hose to to get water?
Why do you use an umbrella?Birds live in ____.
When do you use a umbrella?Nests are found in ___ and ___ (trees and birdhouses) (or attics, gutters, chimneys…really it all depends )
Why do flowers need water?Name three things you can play on in the backyard (swingset, trampoline, blow-up jump house, etc).
How do worms help flowers?Name three things you can play with in the backyard (ball, tee-ball, bocce set, bubbles, etc).

There are so many more! Just keep going. If you want to send me your suggestions I will add them to the list with proper credit given.

Adrienne Fitzer, MA, BCBA developed this list for individuals to use when teaching students about items you use or see in yards or gardens during the season of spring.. This list is not appropriate for all learners and care should be taken to eliminate targets that do not appear in the learner’s environment. For example, a yard in Florida may not have bunnies and a yard in New Jersey won’t have lizards. Yards in urban areas may have stone or concrete patios, and no grass. Large yards in suburban areas may not have chain link fences (or any fences for that matter) but have a ride on tractor, dog house, and a river running near by with a dock.