Adrienne’s Program Hacks: The magnetic write on board

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When setting up a space to run a 1:1 session with learners with autism, I absolutely LOVE to include some sort of easily accessible write on surface like a mounted dry erase board that is also magnetic. Not only can you do a ton of programs with the dry erase board and markers, you can use magnets to post 2D stimuli so not everything is “on the table,” Use magnets as “check marks” on a list that you are following (sometimes we need a schedule too), for certain kids, their token boards can be mounted and you can use fun magnets as tokens, etc. etc. etc. Amazon sells magnet “push pins” and there are cute emoticon magnet sets which give you access to another set of stimuli for your emotions programs (I always include at least one set of emoticons).

Whether you use an easel or a wall mounted option, this is my go to “get out of the darn chair and get em’ (and me) up” way to run programs away from the table and chair set up. Use it to run a fun and physical “follows written directions.” It is also super for setting up an imitation classroom type scenario with the teacher sitting in the chair next to the board and the learner sitting on the floor. You can run “raise your hand, come to the board, draw a __” etc. For kiddos not ready for that, the board is excellent for practicing point, touch, take the blank and put it in the basket, find, etc. etc.

Happy Hacking!