Reaching those in rural areas, areas with limited resources, and the international community.

Professionals should not suffer for lack of resources because they choose to serve in rural areas. We consult with professionals around the world, both onsite and online.

Our live and remote consultation opportunities may be the perfect fit for your onsite staff training or high-priority cases. Depending on the situation, one or two consultants may be assigned for a team approach. We will also consider requests made by family members however, at this time we do not accept insurance.

As consultation is highly individualized, each request is followed up by an email to set up a free exploratory phone or webinar based meeting to determine your needs and if ABAC is a good fit. After the initial meeting, a proposal is issued to the requesting party, after which additional changes are made until the consultation program meets your needs.

Contact Adrienne for more information on our individualized program consultation packages.